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Japan fino Premium Touch Essence Hair Mask Treatment 230g

Descriptions: Contains 7 different types of beauty essence.Helps to penetrate moisture to hair, c...

Kumano Horse Oil Bayu Non Silicon Shampoo Tsubaki Conditioner

Descriptions: Horse oil to promote blood circulation, has the same effect as hair tonic.Horse oil...

Dariya Palty Japan Advanced Hair Straight Care Kit - Hair Straightener

Descriptions: PALTY is a super trendy hair coloring & styling brand in Japan, it gives youngs...

Etude House OMG! Dry Shampoo 50ml

Descriptions: Etude House OMG! Dry Shampoo Etude House OMG Dry Shampoo is a quick, convenient so...

Eyecandy Rainbow volume s brush medium

Descriptions: ·         Prevent tangled hair and maintain...

Korea Mise En Scene Hair Perfect Repair Damage Care Serum Argan Oil

Descriptions: ·highly enriched oil will help you severe damaged hair. It will change to shiny, si...

loretta wave gelee

Descriptions: 1. Good packaging design All product packaging design Illustrator Morimoto tips in...

palty hair dye

Descriptions: Palty by Dariya Corporation is a Japanese hair dye brand that is specially kno...

ReEn Yungo The Premium Bird's Nest Hair Care Cleansing Treatments Scalp Shampoos

Descriptions: Including moisture factor (bird nest ingredients)supplies moist to your scalp.Bird'...

RYO Jinsaengbo Total Care Anti aging Shampoo+ conditioner

Descriptions: Total herbal shampoo to treat scalp,hair and root.: Give volume and beautiful glow ...

SALONIA 2WAY Straight & curl 32mm 220℃Hair Iron SL-002A

Descriptions: Appeared first place acquisition Amazon curling irons, 2WAY straight & curl of ...

Shiseido Japan Tsubaki Shining Hair Conditioner

Descriptions: Shiseido Tsubaki Shampoo & Conditioner set is an innovative hair care newly rel...

TAMANOHADA JAPAN Shampoo & Conditioner, Non-Silicon

Descriptions: ■ You'll pull out hair with the power TAMANOHADA shampoo and conditioner TAMANOH...

The history of whoo spa essence shampoo and rinse

Descriptions: Developed specifically for all hair types.The History of Whoospa Essence Shampoo fo...

Utena Matomage Hair Styling Stick (Regular) 13g

Descriptions: Utena Hair Styling Stick (Regular) can relieve your hard-to-manage hair ponytail. I...