palty hair dye

palty hair dye

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Palty by Dariya Corporation is a Japanese hair dye brand that is specially known for lightening the color of one’s hair. Marketed for ‘gals’ who like to bleach their hair or experiment with different hair colors, Palty appointed Gyaru Goddess Tsubasa Masuwaka as the model and endorser of the brand!


- No.1 Hair Color Cream 75g (tube)

- No.2 Color Water 75ml

- Hair Treatment Pack 5ml

- Brush Type Nozzle

- Plastic Gloves 1 pair

how to use

1. Put No.1 into No.2 and shake well to mix about 15 seconds.

2. After shake with the nozzle to brush type nozzles.

3. Apply the mixture to your dry hair and leave on for about 20 minutes.

4. Rinse thoroughly and use shampoo.

5. After rinse put hair pack.

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