propolinse mouth wah

propolinse mouth wah

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● containing tea extract: can absorb and solidify inside the mouth dirty, prevent bad breath mouthwash.

● containing propolis extracts, natural xylitol: to prevent tooth decay, to help freshen breath.

● do not need to be diluted with water can be used directly.


how to use

Take 10-15ML mouthwash completely mouthwash, mouthwash in your mouth, agitation cheeks and lips. And repeated use mouthwash oral rinse all parts, remove the teeth remain in the nest minor groove, gap teeth, gums, lips and cheek, etc. ditch physical residue and debris! So reducing the number of bacteria in the mouth, to clean the mouth purposes. Allowed full access in the mouth and teeth, gums. In your mouth for about 30 seconds you can spit.

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