The history of whoo spa essence shampoo and rinse

The history of whoo spa essence shampoo and rinse

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Developed specifically for all hair types.The History of Whoospa Essence Shampoo fortified with the East yin-yang theory(the principle of restoring yin-yang balance by replenishing materials that are lacking and controlling excessive materials), an optimized formula for revitalizing imbalanced hair was developed with materials sourced from Korean ginseng, coptis and other herbal essence ingredients. This premium shampoo stimulates blood circulation and restores the essential balance of your hair.


1. WhooSpa Essence Shampoo 350 ml 2 pcs

2. WhooSpa Essence Rinse 220 ml 1 pc

how to use

Moisten with warm water and massage a sufficient amount of Spa Essence Shampoo into your hair. You will experience the deep penetration of the herbal essence into the scalp. Wash throughly and rinse with water.

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