SIGNS SHOT Smile Charge Coffret Set

SIGNS SHOT Smile Charge Coffret Set

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A beauty essence for those concerned about wrinkles and their prevention, Targeting the mouth, eye, brow and forehead areas. Penetrates deeply Adheres perfectly to the areas you want it to Plumps and creates a firm resilience Builds up more collagen fibers to strengthen skin structure Fragrance-free, no color additives Allergy tested Use morning and night as an eye cream or around any areas of concern to target wrinkles and their prevention. Aging caused by Expression Pressure is the cause of wrinkles. Wrinkles form along expression lines, seen in laugh lines, forehead and between the eyebrows. The reason has been shown to be "Expression Pressure". Signs Shot will lead the skin to be resilient and firm to stand up to "Expression Pressure".


·         full sized Signs Shot 20g,

·         Signs Shot Sheet Mask x 4

·          Smile multi-use case

how to use

Designed to deliver ingredients deep into the skin in 3 short minutes, using the advantage of a "sheet mask". Containing a concentrated amount 20 times stronger than the Signs Shot. Use in place of the Signs Shot evey 2-3 days after appplying the lotion. Apply the sheet mask in areas with face expression wrinkle concerns, such as laugh lines and around the eyes.

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