SHISEIDO Harahachi-Shukan Diet Pill For 30days

SHISEIDO Harahachi-Shukan Diet Pill For 30days

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Shiseido eight full diet pill Bifidobacterium & Yeast Slimming Cellulite control appetiteThe role of yeast peptides are transmitted a sense of fullness to the brain, can naturally reduce consumption. Bifidobacterium are probiotics, can maintain a healthy gut to help digestion and excretion.

Therefore, as a more healthy way to control weight, he has been particularly concerned about the makeup of the Japanese female figure and widely welcomed.

A yeast component, a lactic acid bacteria.This product is not a slimming effect, mainly for excessive eating people, especially people who have the habit of eating supper, you can control the intake and absorption of food.


60 pcs

how to use

Once a day(2 capsules) -take without chewing with water

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