utena Shirohada White Pack (Wash-Away Type) 140g

utena Shirohada White Pack (Wash-Away Type) 140g

Product Code: 140g美白面膜冲洗式
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Clay pack to tone dulled skin. Contains exfoliating ingredients which eliminate the melanin-containing old layers of skin. 15 kinds of Chinese herb essences moisturize and add firmness to your skin, creating a translucent white glow


140 g

how to use

1. After washing your face,​ put a small amount (two cherry size drops) on both cheeks and forehead.
2. Massage into your entire face for 30 seconds,​ in small circlular motions that expand outward from the center. Wash with water or lukewarm water.
3. Afterwards,​ use face lotion,​ milk lotion,​ or cream on skin. Product can be used morning or night. On average use it once or twice a week; if you have particular concerns,​ use everyday.

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