Kose Medicated P White makeup remover face wash (190g)

Kose Medicated P White makeup remover face wash (190g)

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Kose softymo Medicated White Washing Foam is empowered with Real Pearl ingredient that helps clear aged cuticles. As cuticles may contain melanin, that is the prime cause of dull and dark skin, it reveals natural white skin.

Blended with Adlay extract and botanical-cuticle-softening ingredient, it helps whiten and soothe skin ruined by UV rays. Amino Acid cleansing ingredient mildly removes impurities.

And plenty of fluffy bubbles, dirt and drops neatly sebum the pores.Skin component; component Pearl (Liangfu) new formulation. A sense of transparency leads to the skin like a bright shine.

Horny flexible vegetable ingredients: blended with apple extract. Drop dead skin cells containing melanin remaining firmly cause of dullness. 


190 g

how to use

Squeeze about 2 cm of washing foam onto palm. Work into lather with drops of water.Gently massage onto skin and then rinse off thoroughly

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